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I am  registered dietitian and Japanese cuisine chef..(had  license of  two.)We will offer easy cuisine recipe and healthy,traditional recipe.We have skills of arrangement  special  recipe for  allergy and halal. However please tell me your opinion.

We have worked at farm in Japan and  Spain.Also worked at Japanese food company and school.

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We would be enjoyed Japanese culture by all of people.

To everyone visiting to Japan,We are looking forward to seeing you:)

*About Teacher F

I’m an Osaka-born dietician, cook, and udon developer. I’ve been doing product development of udon  & cuisine  at a food company 10 years. After trying over 500 varieties, I've noticed how the flavor and texture varied geographically and have been trying to recreate the regional differences. I feel that food is deeply connected to the culture of a place, and contains the memories of those who made it.


Cooking Studio:111-0052

Taitouku Yanagibashi  1-13-4

Luggage room cafe 5Floor


Let's enjoy Japanese Cuisine!


Rice Menu

3 meal that’s bold on taste, light on calories



You choose your favorite foods, I’ll assemble a divine menu

Event Menu

A variety of menu.

​Taste udon of East & West with a chef

​Even the simplest variety of udon—thick flour noodles in a soy broth—changes from region to region. In this combined lesson, cooking class, and dinner, we’ll study the scientific side of the noodle in the respective cuisines of Tokyo and Osaka, where I come from. In my classroom near Tokyo Skytree, I’ll explain the background of East and West Japan cooking styles—how they differ in taste and texture, and the reasons behind this. I’ll then teach you how to make the noodles in the Osaka style. We’ll also whip up some dashi broth, okonomiyaki, and monjayaki to enjoy together. After the meal, we can head to a cooking store or souvenir shop, if you like.

Food menu:Udon, okonomiyaki

Non-alcoholic drinks 󲀃

Your choice of tea or water


If you have any allergies, please let us know beforehand. Please do not be late to the event. No smoking.


We will meet at the Starbucks Coffee Tokyo Skytree before heading to my cooking studio for the class.


Absolutely loved it.

Amazing food and charismatic chef.

Emma Brown, NYC

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